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Never too old to move!

Meet the residents at Glover Plaza. This Public Housing Authority complex is designed for our elderly disabled neighbors, and they LOVE their chair yoga. This program is entirely funded by your donations! Donate $24 to fund one resident for 3 months of Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

Every week our facilitator arrives to offer a Trauma Sensitive chair yoga practice designed just for them. The residents participate consistently each week. Some with canes, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, mental illness diagnoses, or chronic pain, and all with a desire to move their bodies with care and attention.

Heather Lilly facilitates this program, and here’s what she shared with us about these residents. “The residents and staff at Glover Plaza have welcomed us with open arms. The staff has worked exceptionally hard to make this program a success. They regularly call the residents to remind them of the program and arrange for assistance for our wheelchair bound participants to arrive. This program has become a highlight of my week. The residents are eager and participatory. Each one comes with their own unique history and life experience and I have learned so much from each one. I am deeply honored to share practice with them. They remind me that it’s never too late to develop a yoga practice.”

Joyce Magwood, Elderly Services Coordinator for Glover Plaza, shared with us about the program: “The residents enjoy Chair Yoga, and some have graduated from the program with a certificate of completion for six weeks training. You have been an asset to the residents at Glover Plaza with your training and expertise. We look forward to your continued services.” Many of the residents have never participated in any kind of yoga prior to this. They regularly talk about how the practice has decreased their pain and given them many ideas of how they can incorporate movement and intentional rest into their daily lives.

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