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Our classes and programs occur within the community, not a brick and mortar studio. We work alongside organizations such as schools, the local hospital, shelters, and non-profits to identify groups of people that will benefit from healing movement and mindfulness practices.⁠ We find spaces that feel safe for our participants to connect to their body, in locations where folx already gather in community. The core values of equity, sustainability, and resilience are central to our organization and guide all of our decisions.
Check out what we are up to in the community right now!

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Program - NHCS Teachers

Who they are - These hardworking professionals put their time and care into setting the children of our community up for success in life. The challenges of their job are profound, and turnover and burnout can be a real issue. 

What we do - Since 2013 we have offered a variety of programs for teachers directly after school. We work with the teachers at the school to design a program that meets their needs. That might include scheduling, style of class, availability of supplies etc. These programs are often the most challenging to fund, and from our perspective, some of the most important. We believe in serving those that serve, and our teachers are performing a beautiful act of service to our community each and every day.

Program - NHHS Special Education

Who they are - Their goal is to provide students differentiated, researched based instruction that will support a successful transition to adult life. The classroom serves a range of different student needs in a caring and positive environment that meets each student where they are.

What we do - Each week our trained instructor leads a yoga practice that is tailored for the group. This fun filled and light hearted practice supports the curriculum that the students are receiving in the rest of their class time.

Program - LINC

Who they are - Leading Into New Communities, Inc. (LINC, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Wilmington North Carolina that provides transitional living and case management services to meet the immediate needs of men and women returning from prison.  


What we do - Since 2016 we have been meeting weekly with the residents at LINC to offer group trauma sensitive yoga sessions. These sessions are specifically designed to support their reentry process by providing opportunities to develop a sense of safety and agency over their bodies. We intentionally incorporate choice based options throughout the practice and tailor the movements to the needs of each group.


Program - Families First

Who they are - Families First, Inc. is a domestic violence and sexual assault program that provides a full array of services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Our mission is to rectify issues related to and associated with these two crimes.

What we do - Since 2014 we’ve been working with the staff and the survivors offering trauma sensitive yoga in private and group sessions. Each week is different and dynamic. We feel so grateful for the trust that Families First has in us and the welcome we receive each and every time we arrive. 

Testimonial - We are very lucky to have a well trained person to provide this service which has proven to be very successful among our Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault survivors as well as our staff.

Program - Novant Behavioral Health

Who they are - This in-patient department within the Novant system serves 4 units with varying levels of clinical symptomatology. The behavioral health specialists work with patients to manage their overall wellbeing and regain control of their life.

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What we do - Since 2021 we have been welcomed into the Behavioral Health department to offer weekly trauma sensitive yoga and mindfulness to the patients who choose to participate. These classes are well attended, and incredibly rewarding to facilitate. The internal and external environment for many of the patients is quite chaotic, and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to offer a time of relative quiet and hopefully a foster a feeling of ownership within their own bodies.


Program - WIRE CIS Aftercare

Who they are - Wilmington Youth Center for Inspiration, Recreation, and Education  supports the needs of at-risk students and their families in a safe environment by providing free, positive, daily after school programming to New Hanover County students. The after-school program at WIRE provides STEM-based activities and targeted tutoring that is designed to improve each student’s math and literacy skills.

What we do - Since 2015? Yoga Village has partnered with CIS to provide trauma sensitive and resilience focused yoga and mindfulness to the students at WIRE. This program continues to evolve based on the needs of the students each year. Our instructors work with the students to develop resilience and community building skills that bolster confidence and trust with their peers.

Program - CIS BabySteps Parents Circle

Who they are - Young Parent’s Circle is a mutual self-help support group for young parents ages up to age 21. The purpose of the group is to provide a place where young parents can connect, learn, and be a source of strength for each other. Groups will meet weekly to have dinner, complete group sessions, and engage in activities designed to strengthen families.The end goal is to build the five protective factors and decrease the instances of child abuse and neglect

What we do - Since 2017 this monthly group has been a mainstay for us. We love coming in every month to offer trauma sensitive yoga to the parents, and in 2021 we added a kids class at the same time. This addition has added a beautiful component to the program so that parents and kids are able to learn a similar skill that they can incorporate into their family toolkit to support the self care and emotional regulation of the whole family!

Program - The Tides

Who they are - TIDES, INC. is a comprehensive, intensive, outpatient treatment program for women with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in the Cape Fear region, and beyond, who are pregnant, anticipating pregnancy or postpartum. Using a comprehensive, evidence-based, therapeutic approach, existing community partners integrate their services to engage women in the recovery process to keep the mother-child dyad intact.

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What we do - Thanks to a generous donation in 2022 we are offering one on one sessions for the staff as well as the residents. These trauma sensitive sessions are truly designed for each individual to meet them where they are. We work with each client to develop a yoga and mindfulness practice that meets their unique needs and encourages a sense of safety and bodily autonomy that can serve as a resource during their recovery journey.

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Program - Salvation Army Emergency Shelter

Who they are - The Center of Hope Shelter provides temporary shelter for men and women experiencing homelessness. Each dorm contains bunk beds, lockers and bathroom facilities with showers.

Residents are eligible for the Life Skills program. This program is designed to assist current residents of The Salvation Army Center of Hope in finding permanent housing. It is a 6-month program that will help them develop a financial plan and teach them life skills that will assist them in maintaining housing.

What we do - As a part of the Life Skills program, we offer weekly trauma sensitive yoga and mindfulness sessions for the residents at the shelter. These classes are vibrant and dynamic and well attended. The residents are very invested in designing practices that meet their physical and emotional needs, and we love supporting them each week!

Program - Brigade Boys and Girls Club

Who they are - To inspire and, through character development, enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Offering daily afterschool care and curriculum as well as full time summer programs, BBCG supports families by providing high quality, safe, and encouraging care outside of school.

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What we do - Starting in 2018 Yoga Village has offered trauma sensitive, resiliency focused kids yoga programs for the participants at BBGC. Our program has expanded to include weekly sessions with young children as well as teen groups. In 2022 we were excited to be able to create continuity by offering sessions throughout the summer as well.

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Program - Lake Forest Academy

Who they are - This school represents a collaboration between NHCS and Coastal Horizons to provide intense at-risk services to students in the elementary school and improve access to essential services for students. The school serves as both day treatment and k-8 grade instruction for students with mental health disabilities, victims of abuse and neglect, and students in crisis. This early intervention strategy is meant to treat the symptoms that generally manifest in poor behavior resulting in missed instructional time. 

What we do - Starting in the spring of 2022 we launched a k-8 trauma sensitive yoga program. We are working in conjunction with teachers and counselors to focus on integrating yoga and mindfulness in their therapeutic groups as a tool for self-regulation.

Program - Soaring As Eagles

Who they are - This 501c3 non-profit organization's mission is to empower families of Title 1 schools through personal, emotional, educational, and professional development. They believe that it’s important to reach the entire family with programs and resources that will increase educational levels, financial literacy, self-esteem, and hope.

What we do - We have partnered with Soaring As Eagles for several of their initiatives. It has been our honor to offer trauma sensitive coping skills for test anxiety during their Saturday Academy program as well as yoga and mindfulness during their summer program Pre-K Jumpstart. We can’t wait to continue this dynamic and evolving relationship for these programs in 2023

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Program - DC Virgo Enrichment

Who they are - D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy is a K-8 year-round public school that was opened by UNCW in July 2018. The school offers a family-friendly environment, with a focus on the whole child and opportunities that extend to the UNCW campus and broader community. D.C. Virgo, where families come to school together!

What we do - Our partnership with DC Virgo began in 2016 and has taken many forms as the school has grown and changed. As part of the Enrichment Program for the fall of 2022 we offer a trauma sensitive and resiliency focused yoga program for the students to bolster their regulation skills and integrate their social emotional learning.


Program - Community Yoga at the Harrelson Center

Who they are - The Jo Ann Carter Harrelson Center Inc. is a North Carolina nonprofit corporation 501c3 (EIN 20-3598248) that supports and partners with other nonprofit organizations in the Wilmington community. The Center works with its partners to meet the needs of the community in areas such as safe and affordable housing, education, employment, health care and family support. The Center recognizes the critical needs of others and encourages, uplifts and assists them in rebuilding their lives through the services provided in the center.

What we do - Each week we gather with the broader community to offer a trauma sensitive yoga practice at the Plaza on Princess. This opportunity is open to the public and is always by donation.

Program - A Safe Place

Who they are - At A Safe Place, we focus on prevention, advocacy, and restoration to assist victims of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. We provide services and programs that directly impact our community and the lives of victims.

What we do - Since 2018 we have been fostering a partnership with A Safe Place to offer trauma sensitive yoga and mindfulness to the members. Thanks to a generous donation in 2022 we are offering group sessions as well as one on one sessions for all the members

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