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At Yoga Village, we know it takes a village to be a success! So we're always looking for interested neighbors to help us reach our goals. We want you to be part of our village if you are:⁠

A yoga teacher

A practicing yogi interested in working with a group of like-minded people⁠

A decision maker of a business or organization looking to make a difference in our community⁠

A community organization looking to implement programs that reduce effects of stress and build resilience⁠ for your members⁠

A human interested in helping other humans⁠

If you have questions, drop us a note at


As we know, it takes a Village! Yoga Village programs are growing, and we are reaching more people in our community than ever before. We need your help to get our message out and keep our village informed.⁠ The Outreach Committee works to connect with our community partners, people, and other programs in our community to share the mission of Yoga Village in hopes to grow our village. Part of this is the connections we make on social media and through our website. We are seeking someone interested in volunteering on our committee. If you are passionate about building community with the healing practices of yoga AND have experience with content creation, social media, and simple website design, please message us and join our team today!⁠

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