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Meet Eden Village

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Meet Eden Village, one of our newest community partners. This program is entirely funded by your donations! Donate just $10 to fund one resident for 3 months of Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

Eden Village of Wilmington is a 31-unit tiny home community specially designed to provide permanent homes for chronically homeless individuals including patients of the local hospital. Many patients of the medical center experience chronic illness, which are treatable but require consistent living circumstances to improve treatment results. A home is an essential component to long-term health care for these individuals and a proven, permanent solution to chronic homelessness. Being able to meet them where they are and offer a practice designed specifically for them is one of the gifts Yoga Village can provide.

Twice a month our facilitator joins the residents for a Trauma Sensitive chair yoga practice and stays for a delicious lunch prepared by an Eden Village volunteer.

Heather Lilly currently offers this program, and here’s what she has to say about her experience: Meeting and getting to know the residents of Eden Village is a joy. The staff and residents are eager to participate in chair yoga and there are lots of opportunities for laughter and community as we practice. I’m inspired by the journey of each resident and honored to be welcomed into their space. I even met a resident who had practiced with me during her stay at the Salvation Army Shelter. She was thrilled that Yoga Village was at Eden Village as well and that there was a yoga practice she could feel comfortable attending with her history of chronic joint pain.”

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