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Giving Tuesday 2023

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Y’all, #thisisyourvillage, and it sure is growing. In the past year you have made it possible for us to offer over 1000 trauma sensitive yoga and mindfulness practices throughout our community. That translates to thousands of individuals, of all ages, having access to these practices completely free of charge. From Preschool Jumpsart with our friends at Soaring as Eagles to our elderly disabled neighbors at the Glover Plaza Public Housing Complex, we just keep showing up. That’s the thing that makes this village so special. We are ready to meet you right where you are and we are here with you wherever you go.

This fall marked our first decade, and we’ve been looking back at where we started, and what led us to where we are today. Our commitment to equity, resilience and sustainability in all of our actions is a crucial component of our longevity. It’s incredible to think that some of the folx who were a part of our very first programs, teachers and participants alike, are still active within our village. And we rely on that action to keep us going. Sustainability is vital to the trauma informed mission of this village, and we need you to help us make that mission a reality.

Yoga Village is an investment in the resilience of our entire community. Just as in all of our practices, the choice is up to you. You can invest in YV by showing up to a practice or by funding one. Maybe it’s through a donation from your business, or investing in your own breathing practice. We welcome you to value the practice in your own way. Now is your moment. It could be a dollar or $10,000. The amount is just what is true to you. What is the value of these practices to you and to our community.

To us, they are priceless, and that is what drives us to make them more and more accessible every day. Because once you have accessed these practices, once you experience the sensation of freedom and safety inside your body that these practices can provide, you are reminded that this is always accessible within you. Whether you have the luxury of a studio or a mat or even a teacher is irrelevant. You have all you need inside yourself. Help us give the gift of this practice to the hidden corners of our community.

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