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Bringing yoga where it is needed most







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Yoga Village is a 501c Nonprofit. Donations are always welcome to help fund our community programs. ⁠

It's not always sunshine and rainbows. . . we often don't take pictures when we are facilitating with Behavioral Health in patient units, the formerly incarcerated, our friends who live outside, or veterans groups. ⁠
Sometimes there are tears, or pain, or frustration, AND there's always hope. When our facilitators show up the participants know that whatever comes up for them, it is ok, they are ok, we will all be ok. . . just for this next breath, we are all ok.

One of Yoga Village's longest running partnerships. We kicked it off in 2014 and have continued to grow the program, with the help of donations like yours, ever since.⁠

Here's what Executive Director of Families first, Vickie Pait, has to say about it: "Donating to Yoga Village allows them to provide the very important service of Trauma Informed Yoga. We are very lucky to have a well trained person to provide this service which has proven to be very successful among our Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault survivors as well as our staff."⁠
Who is Families First?⁠
Families First, Inc. is a domestic violence and sexual assault program that provides a full array of services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Our mission is to rectify issues related to and associated with these two crimes. ⁠

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