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When we say #thisisyourvillage, we don’t mean it figuratively. We mean it for real.

Literally, YOUR village. The folx we serve in our programs are your neighbors, your family, your friends. We are here at the moments when this village is in its darkest hours. When so many other things in life feel out of control, we are here to remind this village that there is still light…and that the light comes right from within your own heart.

This light does not come from your practice, it is there whether or not you show up on your mat. And yet, your practice is one incredibly potent place to reconnect to the beauty and power of being in your body. To reconnect with the beauty and power of this life we are living, one breath at a time.

One of the most incredible parts of this practice we love is that it can change and evolve with us each and every day.

It is ours, and ours alone

It cannot be taken away by abuse or trauma

It cannot be taken away if we lose our home or our job

It cannot be taken away by injury

It cannot be taken away if we lose someone we love

It cannot be taken away if we lose our own way

Our practice is here with us in each and every moment, each and every breath.

When we come to practice, we come to a place of solace that rises to meet us

just as we are

on this day

in this moment

It is simple and at the same time so deeply profound.

This is the spirit that each and every one of our team brings to our work. The work of the village feeds and supports the work of every one of our partners. They welcome us because they know that the practice we offer empowers and bolsters the resolve of their clients and their staff to continue to do the business of living.

To say we care doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. We are committed to walking alongside each one of our villagers as they do the work of coming home to their body, their breath, their light. We are in it for the long haul. That homecoming is the work of all of us. Each of us has a part to play in our own selves and in the way we show up for our village.

In order to continue this work, we need the commitment of our whole village. Requests for our programs are at an all time high. And we need your funding to keep our programs sustainable.

Take a peek at our program list and what our participants have to share. Do we hope we’ll pull on some heartstrings? Sure!

Actually though, we are really hoping that your heartstrings will play in harmony with the stories of your fellow villagers. We are hoping these stories will remind you of a time in your practice where you needed someone to support you, when you leaned on your practice to get you through what may have felt insurmountable without it. A time when you used your practice to reconnect with your light. And then, with that knowing, that you will give whatever you can to support the awakening for the hidden pockets of this village that we all share.

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